Profile of a Strapper - Bronte Page

Bronte has been riding since the age of three, and has followed her love of horses into a successful career at the heart of the industry.

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get a start in the racing industry?

I have been involved in horses for most of my life and started riding when I was three and joined pony club not long after. From there I followed my love of horses into a job that involved training endurance horses and then decided to make the move to work in the racing industry for Adam Trinder and Leah Goodrick. Adam and Leah have been great mentors for me throughout the years I have worked for them, because of this I found a real passion for the racing industry and the opportunities that come with it.

What do you love most about your work?

I love watching these horses go from yearlings to athletes. This transformation takes a lot of hard work and patience. During this time you can create some great bonds and relationships with these horses and gain a lot of knowledge from the people you are working with.

How long have you been Mystic journey’s strapper? Was this your first time travelling with her to the Mainland?

I have worked with Mystic Journey after she came from the breakers to be trained by Adam. Throughout this time I have had the opportunity to ride her track work and strapped her at six of her nine starts. I also travelled to Caulfield with Mystic last month to where she won the Jim Moloney Stakes.

Is there anything different about travelling a horse on a ferry to simply trucking them, how do you prepare them for the journey?

Traveling horses across the water is fairly simple. We try not to change their routine too much and just ensure they have access to plenty of food and water before they are loaded onto the truck. Most horses seem to handle the boat trip quite well and seem to remain quite calm throughout the whole trip.

How long does the journey to Melbourne take?

The journey can take between 10-12 hours depending where she is staying in Melbourne.

How did you feel when Mystic Journey won the G2 at Moonee Valley?

There was a lot of mixed emotions, I felt so much excitement and pride but a small amount of disappointment that the other staff back home that put in the hard yards weren’t there to celebrate and experience this overwhelming moment. It’s an amazing experience to be able to strap a winner at that level and a moment I will never forget.

Any other career highlights that come to mind?

Being part of Mystic Journey's win in the Sky Elwick Stakes at Hobart and her first mainland win in the Aquis Jim Moloney stakes at Caulfield.

What is the hardest aspect of your job?

The hardest aspect of my job would be the hours - early morning riding track work and late night races. This takes some getting used to but is totally worth it when you get the results you are chasing.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get a job as a strapper?

The racing industry isn’t the easiest place to work the early hours and split shifts but give it time, jump at every opportunity that you can. Take on board criticism and learn from your mistakes it’s the only way you will move forward and improve. Most of all enjoy working with these amazing horses.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Adam Trinder and Leah Goodrick for the opportunity to travel with Mystic Journey and also to Wayne Roser and his partner Jeannine for continuing to trust me with their amazing filly. The experiences have been sensational.