Olivia Rauber Discovering Importance of Pony Riding at Lindsay Park

Working at Lindsay Park for my racing stable placement has easily been one of the best experiences of my life and I know it will only get better.

Since starting, I have learnt so much about the racing industry and all the skills needed to succeed in such a fast-paced way of life and work. New experiences that include strapping multiple horses for a track rider every morning and getting to know some amazing horses and watching them progress.

I have recently started pony riding every morning and love getting experience in the job I want to pursue further. I have discovered that it is a very underrated part of the racing industry and hard work; nevertheless it is an important part of a successful stable.

Pony riders and their horses are required to either lead or walk beside nervous or troubled horses out to their assigned exercise track to ensure they stay safe and as calm as possible. The ponies must be able to cope with horses close to or sometimes up against them for the riders to hold onto, meaning the pony must be completely bombproof and calm. A morning of work for the pony riders rarely ever comes to a stop, continuously trotting back and forth between the exercise tracks and the stables which is often a lot of ground to cover.

It is a very important job and a lot of people rely on these riders and ponies to get their horses back and forth from the tracks safely.

After seeing my work on the pony, Lindsay Park co-trainer David Hayes decided to let me ride trackwork on one of his upcoming racers Qabeelah.

This experience left me feeling very confident in my riding ability and a smile that lasted long afterwards. I’m very thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me and the encouragement from my co-workers on my progression throughout my time at Lindsay Park.