Month Two at Lane's End Farm

My second month of Lane's End went by very quickly! We were officially in the thick of the foaling season, and every 5 nights, I would be on call to assist with any foaling mares. It was still freezing cold at night, but the opportunity to further educate myself and gain more Foal I.Q was definitely worth the freeze! At every foaling I learnt something new, From foal presentations (my first 5 were upside down), to post foaling mare care and everything in between.  

My days in the barn were spent doing the daily chores whilst being educated by the multiple vets and specialists that we are very lucky to have at Lane's End. If there was a learning opportunity either in my barn or on the other side of the property, I was very fortunate to be the girl either holding the horse or who was just lucky to be watching and learning.

One of the highlights of my second month was having the opportunity to travel with a mare who was to be covered by War Front. He was a stallion who I asked to see in person if I was allowed to, and although it meant coming into work after hours to see him, it was worth the visit, the pictures don’t do him justice, he is absolutely gorgeous.

Overall my second month was very tiring but very fulfilling and I can’t wait to see what month 3 brings!

Sophia Flight