Jasmine Robertson - Marketing Manager

TDN: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get started in the industry?

Jasmine: I have been obsessed with horses since I can remember. As soon as I could talk all I did was pester my parents for a horse and they finally gave in and bought me a retired thoroughbred called Wind Dancer for my eighth birthday.

I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing mentors over the years and am very lucky to have incredibly supportive parents who, although had a pretty hectic schedule, took me to horse shows around the country most weekends and their encouragement to do what I love has played a big part in my career choices.

It wasn’t until I was about 18 or 19 that my love for the racing industry was ignited; I was studying a Bachelor of Equine Science at Massey University in Palmerston North when I took on a part-time job at Wellfield Lodge. Dids (Peter Didham) gave me so many great opportunities and taught me a lot over the four years I was with Wellfield. I spent time foaling, did several yearling preps and worked with breakers while I was there. I also gained valuable experience working on studs in Australia and did the sales circuit in-between university which was a great experience.

After graduating, I spent time in Europe and a couple of years in Sydney working for Inglis which is where my love for marketing really blossomed. I moved back to New Zealand in 2015 and pursued a role in Business Development before moving into my current role which solely focuses on my passion, marketing.

TDN: You’ve spent quite a bit of time working overseas, is it good to be back in NZ?

Jasmine: I really cherish the time I spent working abroad, and the experience I gained set a great foundation for my current role but New Zealand truly is home for me so yes, it’s great to be back!

I have been with Waikato Stud for nearly 18 months now.

TDN: How long does it take to prepare all of the hospitality and marketing for the Karaka yearling sales?

Jasmine: I develop my yearling marketing plan in July once I have finished setting all of the components of the stallion marketing campaign and make tweaks as we progress towards Karaka. It's a massive job which involves a variation of media types so there is a bit to juggle, but it's so worth it when we get to Karaka and everything falls into place.

It's a huge project in itself to get everything just right on the hospitality side of things. It’s all in the detail and Pippa (Chittick) and I spend hours going over things you wouldn’t even think about like – what kind of forks we will use at O’Reilly’s? What kind of napkins…?

TDN: Whats your favourite part about your role?

Jasmine: There are so many good parts of my job. The part I enjoy the most would have to be creating campaigns. I love challenging myself to think outside of the square to craft something bespoke that hasn’t been done before. I love storytelling through my work and it's incredibly satisfying to see people enjoying and engaging with our content.

TDN: And whats the toughest aspect?

Jasmine: Sometimes it can be challenging when you're working with horses to persevere and get 'the shot' to make what ever you're doing (whether it be a photo or video) perfect.

TDN: Whats your favourite time of year on the farm?

Jasmine: A real favourite time of the year is when I get out and about to do foal photos. When I think about it, I am truly happy when I am out in the fresh air getting photos of beautiful new foals with the Kaimais as my backdrop – it’s heaven on earth!

TDN: What do you like to do with your spare time away from the farm?

Jasmine: If I’m being honest, my life is pretty jam-packed with horses. When I can, I love going to the races to support my partner Robert who trains in Cambridge and I also enjoy spending time at the stable with him getting to know the horses he trains. My love of horses has taken me down this career path and I love getting my horse fix even if it’s taking horses off the walker and filling their waters up.

TDN: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to undertake a career path in marketing in the thoroughbred industry?

Jasmine: Work hard, seek inspiration everywhere you go, take initiative, be flexible and don’t sweat the small stuff!