How do I get my first job?

There are many different ways to get your first job in the Thoroughbred industry.

One way is to look on an equine employment site with many different stables and studs listing open positions on them. You can even sign up for emails on some of these sites to get notifications about jobs that will fit what you’re looking for.

You can find many open positions right here on this site on the “Career Vacancies” page. Our search feature allows you to put a keyword, a location, and multiple other options to make sure you find the perfect fit.

Another way to find an opening is to call or email stables and ask about job openings. While they may not have something that is a fit for you at that time, they may keep your resume on file or direct you to other stables looking for work. Some stables will also post on their social media accounts when they are looking for employees or post on industry job pages on places such as Facebook with any openings they may have.

Keep in mind that many jobs – such as those on studs – will only be hiring during certain seasons. For example, yearling preparation stuff is usually wanted in the spring and summer with most yearling sales taking place from January to April and yearling preparation starting around October. While in racing stables, there are quieter times of the year where more horses will be spelling so there is no need to hire more staff.

If you can’t find a position you want during the time you are looking, don’t be afraid to apply for another position at the stable or stud. On a stud, it is normal for staff to move from one division to another so while you want to work with broodmares, you may have to help prepare yearlings for sales before moving to the broodmare division for the breeding season.

If you’d like to take a more educational route to getting your first job, there are also programs that will help you learn then get a job placement. You can learn all about the education opportunities available on this page.

One such program that will let you experience many different parts of the industry and then help you get a job is our own Explorer Cadetship.

In this year-long program, you will learn the basics for working with horses before spending time in a racing stable and at a stud to experience everything there is for you in racing. At the end of the program, if you want to continue with your time in the industry, program professionals will help you find a job in your chosen part of the industry.

If a year seems too long for you, the Hunter Valley Thoroughbred Breeders Association also has a four week “Equistart” program that includes a one-week work placement. This program will also help you network with others in the Hunter Valley to give you the opportunity to hear of any job openings.

One other thing you should make sure to do is research which each job entails so you know if it is something you think you’ll enjoy or not. Not every job you do in racing will always be enjoyable, but having an idea of the kind of tasks you’ll be assigned will give you an idea of if the position is for you.

While racing may seem intimidating to join, it is a very welcoming industry with most people wanting to help each other succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you admire to find out if they have any job openings or if they know of anyone who does.

If you’d rather not take an educational route or reach out to someone, become comfortable browsing industry sites to find a position that is right for you. With many different roles available in racing, there is something for everyone in the industry.