Explorer Cadetship opening up doors to the US

When Lane’s End Farm in Versailles, Ky. reached out to Thoroughbred Industry Careers about offering a Cadet from Australia a year-long internship, Sophia Flight jumped at the chance to apply for the opportunity.

A few months later, Flight learned she was headed to the United States for 12 months at one of the leading farms in the world.

"I decided to apply for the position at Lane’s End as it allows me to continue educating myself on breeding but in a completely different circumstance," said Flight. "Lanes End also has a world-renowned reputation for not just their horses but for the educational opportunities they give their staff surrounding both breeding and the U.S. racing system."

The 12-month position at Lane’s End will allow Flight to experience all different parts of life on an American farm with the former Cadet spending her first six months working with foals and broodmares during the breeding season.

Starting in June when prep for the yearling sales season starts in the U.S., she will then transfer to the Yearling division where she’ll learn how the yearling prep season in the country works.

Flight has always wanted to see the Thoroughbred industry in Kentucky and had learned during her time on the Cadetship that farm-based careers is where she saw herself working in the industry. She is seeing both those passions come to life at Lane’s End.

"The Cadetship helped me pursue a more breeding based career through the initial boot camp, where lessons on foaling down mares and discussions on pedigrees at the yearling sales really sparked my curiosity," she explained. "I had always wanted to visit Kentucky and its world class stud farms but thought it would only be possible by booking a tour. It wasn’t until I was told Lane’s End were looking for someone to both train and educate that my eyes really opened up to the possibility of travelling over to the US and specifically pursing a breeding-based career."

For Flight, her experiences on the Cadetship not only provided her with the opportunity to go to Lane’s End but also the experiences needed to be successful there.

"The Cadetship program prepared me for this role by giving me a great experience at both Godolphin and Newhaven Park. This has allowed me to receive a well-rounded education in global racing and breeding, which has come in handy as the Kentucky Derby is around the corner and Lane’s End has a track record of producing Derby winning horses. The program also prepared me for this role by implementing a strong work ethic and self-ambition in the Boot Camp phase of the program."

Arriving in the United States late last week, Flight has already settled in and reports her first few days have gone well. She’s looking forward to seeing how Lane’s End has been able to stay successful year after year while also learning more about American pedigrees – something she expects will help her when she returns to Australia.

Flight adds that the Cadetship provided her the tools and confidence needed to pack her bags and move to another continent.

"Without the unwavering support and guidance of the Cadetship, I don’t think I would have been able to pack my things and leave my family," she said. "This opportunity at Lane’s End is once in a lifetime, and I hope when I come back to Australia I will be twice the horsewoman I am ... and if I’m lucky enough I’ll have a photo with the legendary A.P. Indy to always remember my time in the USA."

To learn more about the Explorer Cadetship and what is needed to apply, visit https://tbindustrycareers.com.au/explorer-cadetship2/