Experience of A Lifetime: Week 3 Blog - Britnee Attenborough

Wow, what an experience I am having.

From meeting the amazing big trainer Tony McEvoy to working for him, I have learned so much already within the three weeks of being at McEvoy Mitchell Racing (Angaston).  I even got to meet, talk and work alongside one of my favourite jockeys! I was in starstruck mode when I saw Barend Vorster, an amazing high up jockey, working alongside Tony.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to ride two ponies at the placement, to learn how to become more confident and one day hopefully ride on the track. Jo McEvoy has been a big help with that, as well as former jockey/track rider Ben Claridge. One of my favourite things about working here is the beautiful view I get to see every day and the gorgeous horses that act like my friends, and sometimes are very playful when it comes to the babies.

I’ll always have these lessons and experiences of each day in the back of my mind and I’m always excited to learn something new and put my best foot forward, to be my best in every way possible. I love showing who I am and my skills and strengths to the staff and getting their skills and knowledge as well. It is give and take every day with learning.

The thoroughbred industry opens many doors to the future to those who work for it. And I’m starting to see a lot of those doors. I really hope Tony wants to keep me around after the program is over because no one knows the future and where I will be.

I am forever thankful for Lindy Maurice’s hard effort to get me and the rest of the Cadets where we are today.