Cadet Blog: Week 7 - Samantha Melouney

It was a busy week for Cadet Samantha Melouney but included a day she’ll never forget thanks to Emma Guymer and Gai Waterhouse as she explores the many career options available in racing.

Week 7 of the Explorer Cadetship has been a busy and exciting week for me.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we had our normal theory classes along with our practical riding classes.

Wednesday was the highlight of my week. I went to John O’Shea’s stables at Randwick to meet with Emma Guymer. Emma is John O’Shea’s and Champion Thoroughbreds’ Racing Manager. Emma gave me insight into her role as a racing manager and what it takes to be a racing manager for not only one business but two. I am extremely grateful to be given this opportunity with Emma, she is an extremely talented woman.

After spending the morning with Emma, I met the rest of the Cadets at Tulloch Lodge at Randwick where we got the special opportunity to meet a woman I’ve only ever known as the Queen of Racing, Gai Waterhouse. The Cadets and I asked Gai many different questions and heard all about her career and life. We were also showed around her stables. Gai is a very inspirational woman and racehorse trainer. Wednesday was a day I will never forget.

On Friday we had David King from NSW State Emergency Service join us for a lesson in equine rescue. This was very interesting and I am looking forward to our lesson next week doing some rescue scenarios.

Being one of the very few that didn’t know how to ride when starting the Explorer Cadetship program has been a big challenge for me, but it is something I’m very determined to learn. I’ve overcome this by trying my best in riding classes and taking in everything my coaches have told me.

I am looking forward to continuing to learn basic riding skills and everything else this course has to offer.