Cadet Blog: Week 5 - Analiese Langer

Rider Analiese Langer talks about what she learned during Week Five of the Cadetship and how one special ride on a horse was an unforgettable moment in the program.

What a mind-blowing week this has been. I have learned so many new techniques about trackwork riding and ways how to handle horses.

During the week, we have a combination of theory work ranging from ‘Factors Affecting Racehorse Performance,’ ‘Providing First Aid and Emergency Care’ and ‘Preparing Mare for Parturition,’ to practical work consisting of trackwork riding and gym sessions (which I adore), testing both physical and mentally abilities.

On Thursday, when I got told to put a back protector on and to go ride in the grass arena, words couldn’t describe how overwhelmed and stunned I was to be given this new challenge. As soon as I mounted up, there was a smile from my face. I may have looked a bit scared, but I was the happiest person. My hands were in pain but that didn’t bother me one bit. All I was focused on was what I was feeling at the time, free and speechless, but also listening to Tracy O’Hara’s guiding words.

Even when I dismounted, my smile was still there, knowing how proud I was of myself and that my fellow cadets were also so proud of me. It means the world to me knowing I have this support surrounding me and that I can achieve certain goals one day at a time. The biggest challenge I have been facing is none other than myself and my mind. I have always loved my sports and love new challenges and opportunities thrown my way. But I need to not cut myself short and believe I can achieve every goal.

I never owned or looked after a horse growing up. I learned how to ride and understand horses based on trail riding. Looking at how far I have come has given me so much hope and guidance that anything is possible.

At the end of the week, we had a special guest come and visit us at Richmond TAFE. Vicky Leonard from Kick Collective spent some time with us about marketing and digital media. Her words were very inspiring and it was interesting to hear how her role has a huge impact upon racing.

I am looking forward to each and every day throughout this program to see what else I can learn and how to face new obstacles, to not stop believing and to keep trying!