Cadet Blog: Week 3 - Lucy Jarjoura

The riders are finding a few challenges as they learn how trackwork is a different style of riding than they’ve done before. In this Week 3 blog, Lucy Jarjoura explains the challenges she has faced and how it motivates her.

Over the last week I have learnt a lot about new techniques when riding trackwork. A few of these things are having adjustability on the horse and learning to ride horses through more difficult situations, such as pulling and spooking.

Through listening to Tom, my confidence improves every ride and I am able to ride horses that are a bit more difficult than the day before. It is an amazing and rewarding feeling to have at the end of each day knowing that I have improved just that little bit more. It excites me for what is to come in the next few weeks.

My biggest challenge has definitely been attaining the level of fitness required in this industry. Track riding is a new style of riding for me and I’m using a completely new set of muscles and level of fitness. Although my fitness still has a long way to improve, it is extremely rewarding feeling the difference between every ride and every gym session and how much easier they are becoming.

I believe the key to overcome my fitness challenge is through hard work and perseverance, which is what I am trying to do each day.

My favourite part of the week has definitely been stepping up on some more difficult horses. It has given me a new challenge in both my riding skill and my fitness but has also shown me how much my riding has improved in the last few weeks, which is very rewarding.

Another favourite would also have to be listening to Hugh Bowman speak about his career and how he has achieved all that he has. It was extremely inspiring and a huge motivation to continue putting my best foot forward in this program.

I am very excited to see where the next few weeks here at Richmond can take me and what I can learn to take into my placement in the next few months!